Regulatory Reporting: Quarterly Letters to AMF Investors

As a continuing service to AMF customers, Austin Atlantic drafts and sends a variety of quarterly letters to investors which contain calculations designed to facilitate the completion of various reports required by regulators.

  • Instructions for Preparing Quarterly Regulatory Reports

    For Banks:
    Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income for A Bank With Domestic Offices Only--FFIEC 041
    -List of Security Holdings for Banks

    For Thrifts:
    CMR Instructions for Mutual Funds

    For Credit Unions:
    Credit Union Call Report
    Key sections relating to mutual fund investment are highlighted in the attached Call Report.

    History of Service and Innovation

    Headquartered in Miami, Austin Atlantic Asset Management Co. is the investment adviser to the AMF family of funds, and is responsible for the day to day management of the Fund's assets. In 1982, Austin Atlantic established itself as a pioneer in the use of mutual fund products for investment by regulated financial institutions (banks, thrifts, and credit unions). During that year, the first of many Funds within the AMF fund family was launched to address the regulatory liquidity needs of thrift institutions. For more detailed information on the AMF Funds please click on our "Mutual Funds" link above.

    Expertise in Asset Management

    Austin Atlantic offers a team of professionals with expertise in the government and mortgage securities markets. Austin Atlantic professionals have firsthand knowledge and expertise in the management of a variety of U.S. investment grade fixed income securities, including mortgage securities and has developed a unique expertise in the management of repurchase agreements.