Open an Account:

To open an account in Austin Atlantic's Asset Management Fund (AMF) Family of mutual funds, please complete the New Account Application and return it to us by mail:

Austin Atlantic Asset Management Co.
c/o Northern Trust
P.O. Box 803046
Chicago, IL 60680-4594

Questions? Call us at: (800) 247-9780

Purchases, Redemptions and Transfers:
(We currently do not provide investors with the ability to buy and sell shares online.)

To purchase or redeem shares, or to transfer balances between funds within the Asset Management Fund family of funds, follow these two easy steps:

  • 1. Phone your order to a Austin Atlantic client service representative (by 11:00 a.m. CST to receive same day settlement):
    (800) 247-9780

  • 2. Wire funds to:
    ABA #071000152
    Credit A/C 5201680000
    REFERENCE: //1038 (followed by fund number and a/c number)
Fund Number Fund Name

31 AMF Large Cap Equity
****Important ? Shareholders must include slashes in the reference field. There should be no spaces in the reference field between the numbers.