New CMR Instructions for Mutual Funds

Beginning with the March 2004 report, the methodology for reporting mutual funds to the OTS (Office of Thrift Supervision) on the Schedule CMR has been substantially improved.

The mutual fund balances can now be reported using the same methodology currently employed for CMO’s and for Structured Securities. Copies of the relevant CMR instructions are attached and/or can be located on the OTS website.

The process is still composed of three steps:

Step 1: Report mutual funds as part of CMR 464 (which agrees with SC 140) 

Step 2: Report the amount of mortgage-related mutual funds on line CMR584

Step 3: Report the market value estimates in the seven interest rate scenarios on the “SUPPLEMENTAL REPORTING OF MARKET ESTIMATES” using Code 129 and rate shock values listed in the quarterly letter to AMF Investors

For your convenience we've included the necessary files:

  • Click here to download General Instructions for Schedule CMR (PDF).
  • Click here to download instructions for Supplemental Reporting of Market Value Estimates (PDF).
  • Click Here to download a blank copy of the supplemental input sheet (PDF).